Grange meeting notes for July and August 2010

75th Anniversary Celebration

Plans are being finalized for the 75th anniversary of the Sauvie Island Grange. Organized in 1935, the grange was instrumental in getting roads, electricity and telephones to the island. Grange members relate stories about how much time their parents and relatives spent with county officials to get these things in place. For many years the Grange met twice a month to facilitate the improvements. Without immediate methods of communication, the Grange was the center of social and civic activism. The program will be a tip of the hat to our history and legacy on the island. Please join us for a potluck dinner and our famous pies. Dinner will be served at 6:00pm and the program will start around 7:00pm.

Adopt a Road Clean Up Scheduled

Our first Adopt a Road clean up is scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 9:00 am starting at the bridge turnaround. All the collection supplies will be provided by Multnomah County, we will provide the water and you just need to bring a good pair of gloves. We will be working from the bridge parking lot to Bailey Nursery Wheeler Farm. That is approximately three miles of road to clean up. Thankfully Don Lerch cleans up the rest of Gillihan to Reeder and he also cleans up Reeder Road to the Sauvie Island Kennels. Anyone can help us, just show up and we will give you the necessary safety instruction and have you fill out a participation form. It will be interesting to see what we get from this clean up.

Oregon State Fair

Don’t forget to attend this year’s State Fair and stop in and visit the Grange Hall on the fair grounds. Katholeen McGinty and Ricki Peterson are volunteering for a couple of hours and you might just catch them there.

The Oregon Garden and Summer Luncheon

The July meeting of the GWA was a brief meeting during lunch at the Oregon Garden in Stayton. About 13 ladies carpooled to the Gardens, had a wonderful lunch at the hotel on site and spent a relaxing, summer day touring the beautiful gardens. In August, the GWA met at John and Toni Stevens house on the Columbia for a great barbeque cookout. About forty people attended for a wonderful afternoon of conversation and laughter. See what fun you are missing by not attending GWA. You do not have to be a Grange member to attend GWA events. GWA stands for Grange Workers Activities. It used to be Grange “Women’s” Activities, but was changed to “Workers” to accommodate all participants. GWA is where it’s at!

Ivy Removal

The forested property at the Grange is infested with ivy and it needs to be removed. We are seeking the best way to do this and volunteers are welcome to assist us with the project. The options include doing it ourselves, hiring it done or offering it to a scout group or other volunteer group. Regardless, we need to get a plan of action in place and proceed as soon as possible. Removing ivy is bad enough, removing ivy in the rain might be even worse. Call 503-621-9604 if you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer. Thanks

4th of July Run

We served 2,740 shortcakes to a record number of runners this year. Everyone had a great time and loved the strawberry shortcake. Some runners suggest it is the main reason they come for the event. We appreciate the Fire Department for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this great fund raiser and we are glad to help them make this a premier running event.

Friends of Bybee Howell House

A committee of island residents are working on developing a mission statement and set of by-laws to preserve and manage the Bybee Howell house as an historical treasure of the island and region. For more information please contact committee members Lora Creswick or Mabel Dudley.

Lynnda Steenslid



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