Conditions fluctuate with the seasons and migratory patterns. Late winter and early spring are excellent for viewing waterfowl. There are two bird watching viewpoint platforms at Wapato Park around Virginia Lake.

  • Over 250 species of birds can be seen on the island throughout the year. Virginia Lake at the Wapato State Greenway is rather marshy and supports Virginia Lake and Sora Rails.
    • Green-winged and cinnamon teals and other water birds in late spring and early summer. Common yellowthroats and marsh wrens abound. Pileated woodpeckers, brown creepers and willow flycatchers are among the more unusual birds that nest here.
    • In the ash trees lining the bank of Multnomah Channel a small colony of red-eyed vireos have nested in recent years.
    • Osprey nest in spring and summer along both the Multnomah Channel and Columbia waterways.  Please do not stop on Sauvie Island Road for observation.
    • Bald eagles are usually spotted in the winter as they feed on the weaker waterfowl.